Cortina 2828 Bio-Regenerative Oil

Sale price$65.00

This precious oil is a unique, yet simple combination of vegan and gluten-free ingredients that visibly restore the skin's protective barrier and hydration. Cortina 2828 Bio-Regenerative Oil offers a minimalistic and effective treatment that targets signs of aging and promotes skin elasticity, while protecting from external aggressors and contributing to a significantly more radiant complexion. 

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Inspired by the freshness of the alps & focused on essentials

The Alps

Home to energizing landscapes, nourishing fresh air and calmness. Feelings we have only dreamed of bottling up to experience over and over again. Until now.

Cortina 2828 is a skincare collection focused on simplicity and effective ingredients to take your skin to new heights with a minimalistic approach. Elevate your daily skincare routine with essentials that work. Choose the products that complement your skincare regimen or get the full 5-step system for best results.

The Cortina 2828 Skincare Collection provides dermatology-tested formulations rich in multi-targeting ingredients that will keep your skin energized, nourished and your routine… Simple!